DAY 1-WIG PROJECT 12th May 2011

I arrived down to sunny London on Wed 12th May to be greated by Ann-Marie Mays and Peter Berkowicz.  They have one month from now to design and make two wigs for their end of year project……. Sounds like a bit of a long shot to me, but as soon as i speak with them i hear their enthusiasm about the course and this project!

I have been planning a move to London recently for a change of career so being chosen for this project couldn’t have happened at a better time.  As an unexpected outcome Ann-Marie very kindly invited me to stay with her whilst the template and foundation were being made thus allowing me to job hunt inbetween working on the project.  Perfect!!!

So we are already day 5 into the project…… I am playing a bit of catch up on the blog!

I met Anne Marie and Peter straight off the train from Berwick Upon Tweed at Kingscross Station @ 11.30am.  After the initial plesantries, coffee and a bun  we wasted no time in getting started!  After chatting I quickly realised that time was of the essence with this project if two wigs were to be designed and created by 11th June 2011…… Precisely one month from today.  We set off for Ann-Marie’s home in North East London, on the way bouncing ideas off each other about the creative project and what my expectations were for the everyday wig.

Peter is making the everyday wig to my wishes

Ann-Marie is creating the artistic wig which depicts a more negative side to wearing wigs.

I am asked by Peter to write out a list of what my perfect wig would be like.  This is easy.  I have worn wigs for around 8 years and i have had some pretty horrible ones when i look back, i am very fussy, i like my wigs to look very natural.  I know what annoys me about them and so i think i was able to write out my WISH LIST out in about 5mins flat!!


1.  I would like the hair to be the same colour and texture as my own original hair. I used to have shiny, dark brown hair, i had very thin hair (the strands were thin) but i had a lot of it!

 2.   I am a very active person, i like to run and cycle and go to the gym.  The most annoying thing is not being able to tie my hair up in a pony tail anymore.  If i were to tie my wig up at the moment you would see that it is a wig since the hairline is not natural.  So i asked if it is possible could they make a natural hairline, not only at the front of the wig but at the back too because around the ears and the nape of the neck seem to be forgotten about by wig makers!          

 3.  For extra authenticity i asked Pete could i have fine ‘baby hairs’ around the hairline too!!

 4.  Lastly i wanted the hair used to be 100% real hair.  Which means the hair has been cut directly off one persons head, washed and then posted to the buyer!  Many manufactureres state the hair is 100% real but it has been processed, which means the real hair has been stripped of all its colour and then re-dyed to all one colour. This is called REMI hair.  The wig i wear everyday at the moment is processed REMI hair and i find that this makes the hair strands very porous when using products and they can get weighed down quickly.

Thanks for reading!

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Jayne Waddell

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