DAY 2-WIG PROJECT (The Template)

To get things moving along Ann-Marie and Peter firstly had to make a template of my head.  This template needs to be an exact measurement so that the wig fits snugly.  Since i have asjed for a natural hairline they have to be extra careful making sure they get things right.

Here are the measuring steps taken…

1. Circumference around the head.

Measuring from the front hairline,past the ears and beneathe the occipital bone.

52.8cm   (Tiny little head i have 🙂 )Pete has his serious face on here!!

2.  Front to back.   35cm

 making sure measurements are taken from front hairline to nape of neck  

3.  Temple to temple around back of head    37cm

Making sure tapemeasure is around the most prominant part of head (above occipital bone)

4.  Ear to ear over crown of head    28ccm

5.  Nape of neck    10cm

6.  Top of ear to nape of neck    10cm

7.  Ear to ear over forehead    28.5cm

8.  Temple to temple across forehead    16.5cm

Once all the head measurements were taken the template had to be made…… They used the simple technique of clingfilm!!   Layered it on my head, carefully moulding it so it didn’t gape anywhere. The hairline was drawn on with a marker pen.  I was quite fussy with my hairline because when i had hair i used to have a slight widows peak.  They had to be careful not to encroach on my face, since this could would look very silly.  We noticed that when i raised my eyebrows my scalp crinkled where the hairline used to be which proved very helpful!

WoooooooHoooooo!  Template is made, hairline looks pretty good, feels snug, next stage is to make the foundation.

The foundation is made out of a very fine mesh which matches the colour of my scalp…… obviously since it will be acting as my scalp!  The hair will then

be knotted on.  I am looking forward to seeing this happen 🙂

Thanks again for viewing !!

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Jayne Waddell

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