DAY 3-WIG PROJECT 14th May 2011

Today is “Shopping for Hair day!!” .  Ann Marie decides to take me to a typical Afro Carribean hair shop in Seven Sisters to get a feel for colours and an idea of the type of hair for the creative wig.  This was an eye opener to say the least…!! They sell all sorts of hair, synthetic hair, pink hair, blue hair, blonde hair, synthetic hair that can be heated, african carribean hair, hair on weft, loose hair, full wigs made from hair, real hair that has been processed, real hair that has not been processed, hair from Brazil, European hair……. The list goes on and on….. I left the shop with a head ache!!  I was so confused that i think i confused Adil, the man who was serving us!!

We look at hair that would be suitable for the Creative/Artisitc wig that Ann Marie is creating.  Since there is a budget in place we decide that it needs to be split to favour the real hair, everyday wig that Peter is creating.  The creative hair though must be able to with stand heat so we can style the wig using hair straighteners.  There is synthetic hair on the market which can be heated to a certain temperature and it looks and feels very real.  I know that there are wigs out there styled and made with this material however i have never had one so unfortunately i cannot rate them.  I”m sure after styling our wig i will have loads of comments!!

We buy 6 packets of 22″ length on 1m weft

Next for Peter’s wig.  I was curios to see the highest quality of hair they sold.  Adil brought out a ponytail of 100% real, untreated hair from brazil, a very dark brown, almost black…… much much darker than my natural colour.   I didn’t like it, seemed to have split ends!  (What girl ever wants to pay for SPLIT ENDS????!!!!)  I didn’t like that it was much darker than my original colour, i would rather have lighter hair which would be easier to darken if need be.   This was an immediate “no go” area for me.

Ann-Marie had a hair merchants in mind to buy the Real hair for the everyday wig from a company called Hugo Royer, a family run business in Berkshire.  Check out his site, fantastic

I remembered when i shaved off all my hair at 22 years my mother kept my hair!  I would never have thought to do that.  At the time i suppose i thought it would grow back so in the bin it went……..Good olde mum :)!! (52 but looks about 40!)…… hunted it out, banded it and kept it for prosterity!  Love you ma! 🙂

Now we had a perfect match to my natural hair, not just in colour but texture and strand thickness too!

After Ann Marie had spoke with Geoff, the MD of Hugo Royer (Unbelievably helpful man who seemed very interested in Ann-Marie and Peters project) We posted it on to him,  Geoff was then able to match me 100% European hair, unprocessed, the same as my natural colour.  Ann- Marie bought 14″ and 12″ for the length of the bob ……….. AND baby hairs too for my hairline!!!

The hair is due in the post tomorrow, 18th May 2011, I can’t wait to see it, and feel it! 🙂

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