I don’t know about anyone else but having no eyelashes really makes it difficult for my eyeliner to stay in place for the day!  It almost always ends up smudging or just coming clean off if i accidently rubbed my eye 😦

Not any more, Ann-Marie, the lady making my wig is also a make-up artist and she let me into the secret of Laura Mercier, Eye Basics. 

 Laura Mercier Eye Basics creates the perfect canvas for eyes by camouflaging eye imperfections and enhancing the durability of eye makeup.

Make sure you choose the correct base colour for your skin tone.

To apply just dab a tiny amount with your little finger over the eyelids where the liner is going to be applied, let it dry and apply the liner directly on top.

To Fix, powder over with Translucent or Mineral Powder

You can also use on the whole lid as a base for eyeshdows.

Girls i am AMAZED!!!!  I have had problems with this for years.  Now my eyeliner doesn’t Budge or Smudge for the whole day!

Look out for more make- up tips to come!

Jayne Waddell

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