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Things are starting to heat up here….. with only 22 days left to complete the project we really need to get moving……. Since the templates were made we have been unable to begin making the foundation since all Ann Marie and Pete’rs head blocks were too large for the size of my little head!  They had to order in specially!!

Also, because i am very specific with what i want the wig to be,  Peter is determined to try to achieve this  to perfection……..

I am going to take photographs today to try to explain what i am looking for in this wig compared with what is currently on the market….. i will upload these later on today.

At present i wear Trenco, 100% human hair wigs, which i really like.  One of the problems however is you cannot tie them up in a ponytail.  Below are pics of me tying up my Trendco wig, as you can see the results are hideous, the hairline is too solid, it does not come far enough down my neck and there are no fine baby hairs to make the hairline look natural.  Let’s face it i would probably get more stares walking around with my wig looking like this than going bald HAHAHAHA!!

I am hoping that Ann Marie and Peter can create something to look better than this when the hair is tied up!! 🙂

Thanks again for viewing

Jayne Waddell

2 thoughts on “DAY 8-WIG PROJECT

  1. Watched the video. Graham is obviously up there on wig creation and techniques. Was impressed by the finish and look. Do not know if it was quite the style for the gent though, certainly an up to date and modern style.

  2. Allowing someone to invade your space on such a personal level when you are normally the only one that sees you in that way .A first time experience with complete strangers and not in your living space, a bit of a shock, but hey!! you turned it around and saw it from the students view also which is good because it was probably a traumatic time for them too. Remaining Positive in every instance is extremely important. Love you lots .
    P.S I know you are the bravest person I have ever met. Pammy x

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