DAY 13-THE WIG PROJECT (knotting the hair)

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I am now back in Berwick Upon Tweed.  I asked Pete to send me updates of his progress for the blog!  Last night at precisely 23:45 Pete laid down is knotting needle after 3 days of knotting!!!  (He assures me he had breaks inbetween)  Otherwise he was having me feeling rather guilty 🙂

He started knotting at the nape of the neck where he is used 2 to 4 hairs in each knot.

Round the hairline he will knot single hairs to look as natural as possible, but this will be done last.  I am very interested to see EXACTLY how the hair is knotted but i shall have to wait until i am back down…… at which date i shall add knotting photos.

Pics below were taken on Pete’s iphone…… the wig is taking shape nicely!

I now fully understand why real hair custom made wigs are soooooooooo expensive!  Firstly the cost of !00% real hair, unprocessed.  Then the amount of work to create it.  To date there  has been three days of knotting, i shall ask Pete to keep a record of his hours to see exactly how long it takes to knot the whole wig.  There is no machine that does this so when the manufacturer says to you “our wigs are hand- tied”  he means what he says, literally!!!  I certainly can now appreciate the hours a person has put in to making my wig that i wear!  WOW!

Thanks for the updates Pete 🙂 I owe you a pint…….or two :)!!!!!!

Thanks for viewing

Jayne Waddell

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