DAY-19 THE WIG PROJECT (still knotting the hair!)

I have booked my train back down to London on Thu 2nd June.  I cannot believe how quickly time has gone, and i know Pete and Ann Marie will be thinking the same.  Their deadline is looming :/ Only 11 days left!


See below pics Pete has emailed of his knotting progress……. Very slow lol!! (Just kidding Pete 🙂 !! )

…… the way Pete’s knotting skills are a lot better than his photography skills 🙂 lol

Right Side of wig

This pic is taken from the top/back, you can see  where the hair parting is going to be between the two strips of Galoon.  In this area the hair will be knotted in individual strands.

From the back, the hair here is knotted using 2 to 4 strands of hair.

I am soooooo excited by this, the hair looks fabulous, so shiny and Pete’s knotting looks brill.  I am really looking forward to watching him knot the hair and having a shot at it myself!  I will get photos of this because my mind boggles as to how they actually knot the hair onto the lace.  You must need so much patience and skill so that when it is brushed the hair doesnt just fall out!?!

Well done Pete!

And we must not forget Ann Marie who is doing the exact same job for the Artistic/ Creative wig!  When i get down to London i shall document Ann Marie’s progress too.

Thanks again for reading!

Jayne Waddell

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