Mary Corrigan’s Diet

After doing my bit of research on Dr Angela Christionao’s recent work on finding a distinct link between the genes that cause Celiacs Disease and Diabetes type I and Rhueamatoid Arthritis, I have decided to adhere to Mary Corrigan’s strict diet again.  I recommend anyone who is suffering medical hairloss.  Mary gives some great examples of meals and covers both an anti candida section and a gluten and wheat free section combined with iron rich foods.

I started Mary’s diet about about 8 weeks ago after testing my Serum Ferritin levels,  which were found to be very low (26ug/l), and reading her book from cover to cover.  Unfortunately I got a bit of a cold and i gave up on the diet 2 weeks in after reaching for some comfort foods!! 😦

Since reading up on this genetic breakthrough  I have began linking things together and I know that my mother’s only sister suffers from Celiacs Disease, also since being on Mary’s diet for that short spell I noticed very small blonde baby hairs on small areas of my scalp.

I would like to give this diet another go at some stage when I am feeling motivated!


Jayne Waddell

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