I am 30 toaday!  I get my new wig in 10 days!  I can’t wait for my birthday present Pete 🙂

I have to say it is 10 years since i got Alopecia and not in my wildest dreams did i ever think that alopecia would have hung around for as long as it has.  I think now, i had better get used to the fact that this bald thing could be forever!!!…….  Oh well, who knows!

Bring on the 30s!    Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaa 🙂


2 thoughts on “HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!


    I subscribed to your blog a few days ago, having seen you on

    I’ve been meaning to write to you ever since, but just haven’t found the time to give the task the attention it deserves !

    Sadly I’m not going to find the time to do it justice today either, but as today is your 30th birthday, I couldn’t let the moment pass without wishing you the very best on your special day.

    Your photos and blog posts are truly inspirational, and you come across as very beautiful person both inwardly and outwardly, and I really would love to know you.

    So, give me a few days and I will be in touch. I live in north London, and funnily enough my work often takes me up to the north east too, so sooner or later I’m sure we can persuade our paths to cross.

    For now, let me just wish you a very very happy birthday, and I look forward to making contact in the next week or so.

    Oh…and did I mention I’m a baldy too !

    Best wishes

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