DAY 25-WIG PROJECT (Artistic/Creative)

Hi All!,

Apologies for the vacant blog gap!!…… but it was my 30th, give me a break 😉

On this post i am giving an update on Ann-Marie’s part of the project ….. The Artistic/Creative Fantasy  wig.

This part of the project is to depict the annoying/down side to wearing wigs and having alopecia, the side that generally, people who have hair, do not see.  To some the issues may seem trivial, but for people who have this condition it can be a constant source of suffering in everyday life.

Just a few examples are….. how hot and uncomfortable wigs can be.  False eye lashes, coming off in the heat or the rain.  Make-Up falling off your face.  Windy days blowing your wig.  Going on holiday sucks since you need to have constant supplies of make up and wigs to look normal.  Sports which involve wearing a helmet are always an issue.  Swimming in the pool or sea on holiday…… those are to name a few!!!!

Ann-Marie too has been making a wig to this theme……. with a “repunzel like” mane of hair……. Here is her progress to date.

The hair purchased was from a hair shop in Seven Sisters. It is cheap synthetic hair, that is able to be styled with heating equipment.  Each weft is 50″ long and the drop of hair is 22″.

Below are picks of the knotting, Ann-Marie showed me exactly how they knotted and i just cannot believe the time, patience and skill involved!  It is not surprising that these wigs are so expensive….. No machine can do what a human can do in this instance unfortunately…… To be honest it was damn PAINFUL to watch!!!!

The root end of the hair is taken  between the thumb and fore finger in a short loop.

Using the Knotting hook the lace of the foundation is picked up and the hair is pulled through the mesh

once the loop is pulled through the mesh, the hook is used to grab the end of the hair and pull it through the loop, pull through and tighten knot .

As you can see from the pics above Ann-Marie was finishing off the parting… When knotting the hair you can put 2 to 4 hairs in a knot or just one, depending on the finish you want.  Single hairs are used to give a more natural finish on partings or hairlines.

Here is the finished wig.

Next was to create the “Repunzel Like” mane of hair…….. To do this Ann-Marie cut and stitched to gether a long train of Mesh for the weave to be stitched onto in a ladder effect.

The ladder of hair showing the weft stitched on at equal intervals.

The hair was then glued down since the finished result needs to look like a continuous flow of hair.

Here is the finished mane in Ann-Marie’s hallway!

And i can’t resist to put in this photograph of Ann-Marie taken at 2am after an accumulation of nearly 23 hours knotting over several days!!!

This is not a face to be reckoned with 😀

The deadline for the project is the 10th and the photo shoot is scheduled for WEDNESDAY!!! :/  Stress levels are at an all time high…… Good luck guys!!

Thanks for reading

Jayne Waddell

One thought on “DAY 25-WIG PROJECT (Artistic/Creative)

  1. Well done Ann- Marie,
    Very impressive.
    You must have an abundance of patience and stamina.
    This project is certainly very inspirational to all and should and will attract lots of attention out there with the general public.
    It would be good to take yourselves out into Trafalgar Square or the likes of when the Rapunzel look is completetely finished.
    Hope you gain lots of credit with the London College for your endeavours .
    You must be pleased with it so far.
    Well done. Pam x

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