Here are the BAD HAIR DAY photographs.

A creative, exaggeration of how it feels to have to wear wigs and eyelashes and eyebrows on a daily basis!

The hair has been back combed and all styling utensils put through it, eyelash/brow brushes, eyebrow stencils and some eyelashes in there too!

The initial idea behind the project is with the repunzel, long hair depicting glamour and beauty but as it gets to the floor it begins to bind me.   Wearing wigs taving alopecia can be restrictive in a sense, the wig stops me doing spontaneous things.  The hair on the floor is back combed and  in an angry messy heap, just how i feel sometimes!!  In the mass of hair are items of concern for me such as suitcase and passport (travel), love hearts (relationships), eyelashes and styling utensils (appearance) , motorcycle helmet (difficulty doing sports wearing helmets with a wig on) other items which we disappointingly  forgot on the day were swimming goggles and itching powder!!!!  Because i wear wigs i am constantly thinking of my appearance.  Going on sun holidays is annoying since i cannot swim in the sea without taking off my wig, or go camping holidays or exhibition trips abroad would just be a nightmare!

In the photo above i just did not know what to do!!!  Help i’m no model!!! 🙂

HAIR AND MAKE UP COPYRIGHT OF ANN-MARIE MAYS, student at London College of Fashion


I walked to the car park from London College in this hair and make up and hardly anyone took a second glance…. whilst wakling i wondered what the reaction would be if i were bald????…..

Check out my next blog for Pete’s Everday wig!

Thanks for reading

Jayne Waddell

5 thoughts on “ALOPECIA PHOTOGRAPHIC SHOOT (bad Hair Day)

  1. Many thanks for your kind words Jayne.
    You look great!
    Keep up the great work and do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further photographic assistance.
    Best Wishes,

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