DAY 26-WIG PROJECT (Make up tests)

Hi All,

Not long to go now before the photoshoot.  It has been rescheduled to the 8th unfortunately for Ann-Marie and Pete so they now have two days left for completion!!!

Some make up for the shoot has to be choosen to match the theme of the fantasy wig.  Which is BAD HAIR DAY!

We wanted to try to depict how i feel some days when i wear wigs……. not everyday, since i actually enjoy wearing my wigs they are fun and love the different styles….. but on those days (which we all have on occassions, but possibly you feel them more when you have no hair) when you are just having a BAD day! 🙂

Sometimes i feel sad because of my Alopecia, i feel sad because i miss my beautiful hair, which made me feel feminine and gorgeous and i loved fussing over it (maybe i fussed over it too much! lol)

Very occassionally, probably when something else non alopecia related has happened that has annoyed me, i can feel feel pretty P&^%*d off and angry (if i am honest) that i have alopecia.

And then there is stress too which i feel in my case was a factor which triggered my alopecia.

So SAD, ANGER and STRESS were words I used to help Ann-Marie with the make-up

Below are some test shots.


This shot is sooooooooooooooooo attractive!!!  Yes it is a look i try to achieve on a daily basis!! 🙂 As you can see it is a very bad day, been crying, or perhaps caught in rain, make-up running down my face, eyelash stuck to my cheek, eyebrows half rubbed off etc

Ya, slightly exaggerated, however these are things that us alopecians have to face on a daily basis!!

Ann-Marie used glycerine and black acrylic paint, the glycerine is used to give a natural tear effect on camera.  However this look i feel is not strong enough to be effective in front of a camera and just looks messy.

This is more dramatic, theatrical make-up, with an angry twist……. scary!!! Ontop of the black make-up, MAC Irredescent  powder was used.  However the eyelashes are not dramatic enough and perhaps could have been a different colour for them to stand out.

Here Ann-Marie combined the two emotions, Anger and Saddness.  Again the false eyelashes are not long enough or dramatic enough to be seen over the make up here.

A demure sad, with sponge material cut out as a tear drop.

Finally, just simple tears.  Using liquid latex and black acrylic paint mixed.  However this tear drop looked very Marseille Marseille we thought.

Some good ideas but just not quite right…… food for thought!

Thanks for reading!

Jayne Waddell 

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