DAY 27-WIG PROJECT (Final day)

Today is the day of the Photoshoot!   We must be at College by 9.30am.

Today we are going to shoot a bald image, an image of the real hair wig that Pete made and an image of the fantasy wig that Ann-Marie made.

The final project theme is going to be a poster to raise awareness of Alopecia.  A photo of me bald in the middle with a pic of a “good” hair day on one shoulder and a pic of “bad” hair day on the other shoulder.

When we got there, Pete got to work on my make up, he wanted to create a natural look to compliment the natural, everyday wig.

We turned up at the studio to find the photographer had not turned up, which was a bit of a bummer, so another photographer stepped in (who already had his own workload at college) however i think we would have been better taking the shots ourselves!!!

I learnt my trade as a photographer in between doing the horses and so i can be fussy about the final outcome of shots.   Also another hinderance is i am better on the behind the camera than infront of the lense!  When i photograph a subject i can take many shots, but i will not stop until i have “THE ONE” and most photographers know when they have that shot.  This gentleman was obviously on a very tight schedule and only managed a total of 20 shots!!!! 10 bald and 10 with hair!!!!! It was terrible,  I had not even relaxed infront of the camera and it was finished…..As a result the shots were not great!

A female bald head can be some photographers dream to photograph, it can be seen as a blank canvas, and the features can show really nicely with the line of the jaw, however you have to get it just right. Try to elongate the neck and tilt the jaw line and get the proportion of head to face correct.  If you take the shot too high there is too much scalp and not enough face and vice versa, it is definitely an art in itself and can look very wrong if not done right!!!  However i am a wee bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that with my own artistic background!

Unfortunately the pics had to be used because of the timescale 😦

If i am honest i was soooooooooo disappointed, i really was expecting to be sifting through lots of shots, laughing at the hideous ones and hopefully finding some nice ones….. but on on the small selection we had, most of them my eyes were half closed or closed and the angle was wrong 😦

In the afternoon for the second shoot of the Fantasy wig, luck was on our side and the course photographer arrived…… Better late than never!! 🙂

Her name was Diana Georgiou and she was lovely, her mannerism was friendly and welcoming and immediately put me at ease….. she was genuinely interested in knowing about alopecia.  She herself had never heard of the condition which i thought was unbelievable, i imagined that everyone now knew what it was. (huh, just because of my blog!!! lol)

After Ann-Marie and Pete told Diana what they were loooking for in the shots, Diana prompted me throughout the photoshoot.  It is very difficult to create a look on your face  when demanded!!!  To look legitimately sad or really angry and still keep it looking photogenic……I mean i can look angry, trust me, but it probably wouldn’t look very pretty caught on camera!!! 🙂

We had a right laugh, the shoot lasted a lot longer and we came home with a good selection of shots to pick from.

Please check out the next post for the photoshoot pics!

Thanks for reading

Jayne Waddell

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