Hi guys

Very sorry for the delay in this post!

Pete had been working on the everyday wig to my requests of a natural hairline, using real virgin, european hair the same colour as my original hair.  Pete worked his socks off for this project!  He spent 80 hours knotting hair onto the foundation.  He even knotted single hairs around the hairline and the parting to create as natural a look as possible!

When i tried the wig on i could not believe how light it was in comparison to the trenco wigs i have been wearing for years!  It felt like my real hair and i could hardly feel the cap on my head.  The hair used was unprocessed and feels so much softer and real!   The hairline was fabulous!  You would have to look closely to see the foundation.  Unfortunately there could have been more hair knotted into the front….. it is just marginally too thin.  The hair that Hugo Royer gave as was very fine hair, what you could describe as “fly away” hair.  My hair was not quite as thin as this when i had hair.  I think Pete in hindsight would have knotted in more strands per knot had he realised how thin it was going to be…… however he was trying to get it as natural as possible and by doing so thought that knotting single hairs was the answer.  Making this wig was a huge learning curve for Pete.   For me also, it was a great insight into why a custom made wig is so expensive.  The time and patience that goes into making a custom piece is unbelievable.

We used wig tape to stick it down but we are going to look into a skin adhesive which is semi permanent.  Seeminly there are products on the market but we need to look into this a little closer.  Since time was running out for the project we had to leave it there and i left back up the road to Bonnie Scotland!!

If i buy Pete a few drinks i think he is going to knot a few more hairs into the hairline for me……. Or perhaps he will teach me and i could carry on 🙂

Here are the pics below….

Relaxing in the Sun after hand in 🙂

Looks pretty natural doesn’t it???!!! 🙂

On the 24th of June Pete and Ann Marie will receive their marks for the project…… They really deserve to go top for this, BRILLIANT PROJECT GUYS 🙂

They made a bald girl V. Happy 🙂 xxxx 

Thank you Pete and Ann Marie!  I made some great friends during my time down in London and thoroughly enjoyed it, aswell as bagging myself a hot new designer wig !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and i would just like to wish you both all the best for your future careers in what ever area you decide to specialise in.

Lots of Love

Jayne Waddell

3 thoughts on “THE REAL HAIR WIG

  1. Hi Alopeciaantics,
    Neat Post, Human or genuine hair wigs are the high of the line when it comes to obtaining a wig. Plenty of gals who like to shift their model or make a style assertion find that a wonderful wig is the remedy to rather quickly altering their overall look, for a specific situation, with no need of developing to have their unique hair fully restyled. The pick is amongst serious or synthetic wigs.

    • Exactly Wig Lady!!! You can get some great synthetic wigs and very well priced ones at that too….. but for those trying to simulate real hair after losing through medical hairloss problems, I always recommend a real hair piece….. they are more versatile, can be styled with heating equipment and moves in a different way to synthetic hair. I also feel that real hair lasts a lot longer since they can be straightened and the fibres dont “crinkle” and “pull” like the fibre wigs….. The joys!!!

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