“Cure” for Diabetes?

The “cure” for Type 2 Diabetes in the press recently immediately interested me.  Especially since a genetic link was discovered by Dr Angela Christiano between Alopecia and Type 1 Diabetes last year.  This study was done in Newcastle, only 1 hour drive away from my home town.  However the study was performed on patients who have Type 2 Diabetes not Type 1.   I have not done much research into Diabetes myself….. since i don’t have it…… (and we all know we only seem ultimately interested in things which directly affect us or our lives) but i have copied this passage from a site which is written in good ley terms.

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder.

Metabolism refers to how the body uses and digests food for
growth and energy.

Most of the food we consume is broken down into glucose.
Glucose is a type of sugar in the blood – it is the main source of food for our
bodies (our cells).

When food is digested it eventually enters our bloodstream
in the form of glucose. Cells utilize the glucose for growth and energy.
However, without the help of insulin, the glucose cannot enter our cells.
Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas.

After consuming food the
pancreas automatically releases an appropriate quantity of insulin to transport
the blood glucose into the cells, thus lowering blood sugar levels.

If  you have diabetes, the amount of blood glucose is too high – a condition called
hyperglycemia. This happens for one of two main reasons:

  • The body is producing no insulin – this is Diabetes Type 1


  • The cells do not respond correctly to the insulin – this is Diabetes Type 2


Consequently, excessive amounts of glucose accumulate in the blood.
This blood glucose overload is eventually passed out of the body in urine. Even
though the blood has plenty of insulin, the cells of a person with diabetes are
not getting their crucial energy and growth requirements.



Type 1 diabetes

In Type 1 Diabetes, the person’s own body has
destroyed the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. When your own body
destroys good stuff in your body it has what is called an autoimmune
. Diabetes Type 1 is known as an autoimmune disease.

This is the Diabetes that Dr Angela Christiano found a genetic link with Alopecia.

Quite simply – a person with Diabetes Type 1 does not produce insulin.
People with Type 1 have to take insulin regularly in order to stay alive.



Type 2 diabetes

Person with Diabetes Type 2 has one of two problems, and sometimes both:

1. Not enough insulin is being produced.
2. The insulin is not working properly – this is known as insulin resistance


The vast majority of patients who develop Type 2 did so because they were overweight and unfit, and
had been overweight and unfit for some time.

This is the Diabetes that professors have found a cure for through diet.


Here is the link to the article on the cure for diabetes through a low calorie diet.

I understand that this is not a cure for the auto immune Type 1 Diabetes which is linked to Alopecia, however it does highlight to me the importance of a good diet ultimately being able to rectify the body’s malfunctions at a cellular level.  There is the old saying


Another angle which triggered my thinking was Dr Angela Christiano genetically linked Alopecia with Ceoliacs disease….  Another dietery condition…. Are we hypersensitive to some of our foods?  Have we made ourselves hypersensitive because we eat so much processed convienience foods now?  Doctors are quick to fill us full of medicines to “cure” conditions….. But has man become too “clever” for his own good???   Would it be outrageous to think……Perhaps we just need to keep it simple and go back to basics????

Food for thought here i think 🙂



Once again, thanks for reading guys


Jayne Waddell xx

One thought on ““Cure” for Diabetes?

  1. Excellent article…you know, i’ve always thought there is so much more we could be doing to improve our health by ‘eating strategically’ and exercising regularly. Thanks so much Jayne for sharing this.

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