Introduction tho the Wig Project

Whilst browsing on the Alopecia social networking site  sometime in April 2011, i stumbled across an advertisement posted by two students of London College of Fashion,  Ann-Marie Mays and Peter Berckowich.

“We are mature students studying a foundation degree in Hair and Make up for Film and TV at the University of the Arts, London College of Fashion campus and will be graduating this year.

For our final project we have thought about the transference of skills and we want to move away from our traditional role of designing a hair and makeup look
for the media industry and concentrate instead on using our skills to make a wig for someone with alopecia, as we have realised the wider implication of the
skills we have learnt.

We are interested in a collaboration with members of the society and want to offer a made to measure wig of your design free of charge, (although there may
be some travel costs).

The wig itself may be but doesn’t have to be a day to day item, (for example it could be designed as an alter ego/fantasy/pop idol piece?), It will be
something that will promote not only ourselves, but the issues of hair loss and
the feelings/emotions involved.

Would anyone be interested in helping with this project?”

I duly replied and was selected as the candidate for the project!  Since meeting with Peter and Ann Marie we have spoken in great depths about Alopecia; how i deal with the condition, the psychological implications of living with alopecia and of course wigs and how i feel about wearing them.

They have decided to make two wigs.  The first is to be custom made to fit the shape and size of my head.  It is being made with the idea of being able to  make me feel the best i possibly can when wearing the wig.  I have to state my expectations of the wig and Ann Marie and Peter have to try to meet all my criteria!  The second wig is going to be of an artistic/creative design depicting the psychological feelings involved with wearing wigs and living with Alopecia Universalis.

I am very excited about both pieces equally!! and i cannot wait to see the finished designs and try them on.  Peter and Ann Marie are working to a very tight schedule so they only have one month to design and create both wigs.  The deadline is 11th June and there will be a photoshoot taking place at the end of the project.

I plan to document the project daily over the next couple of weeks to give an idea of how a customised wig is actually made!  So come and join in the fun, we might be able to make our own after this!!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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Jayne Waddell

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