The Food Hospital

A new series of the Channel 4 Show The Food Hospital will be aired on the 26th of September.  I was very lucky and privaledged to have been chosen to participate in the show with regards to my Alopecia Universalis.

To be involved in The Food Hospital was incredible.  For over 10 years I have struggled with how this autoimmune disease has affected my life.  My physical appearance altered dramatically in a period of only a few months which in turn affected me massively on a psychological level.  For years I was given absolutley no hope from both my GP or Dermatologist (or any other avenue I persued)…… for the simple fact that there has been minimal research into this autoimmune disease.  As a result our community are forced to sit and suffer in silence.

The Food Hospital has been an opportunity to have professionals investigate this disease farther and open doors which  have NEVER been considered by the medical profession when looking at Autoimmune Alopecia.  To have experts actually turn round and suggest a possibility that nutrition could play a part in this disease is massive.  Massive from a medical point of view and also massive from a HOPE angle within the Alopecia community.  If a person holds no hope, in my opinion they hold nothing.  Everyone who finds themselves in a position always needs hope, hope in its self is positive and alters your mindset and for those reasons is mandatory.

I hope people with Alopecia watch the show and build their own hope around it.  You can view my backstory on The Food Hospital website along with another girl from series I who suffered Alopecia Areata.

I shall be blogging about my experience in weeks to come so please do subscribe to my blog so that you can automatically get updates and also so I can email you progress of the charity which is being set up to fund for Independant Research into Auotimmune Alopecia.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read and please never give up hope with Alopecia…. I really believe we can fix this together xxx

20 thoughts on “The Food Hospital

  1. Very very interesting. Have you kept to the diet. My 13 year old daughter who has alopecia totalis, followed a quite restrictive wheat free, diary free and sugar free diet but this made her miserable.

    • Hi there,

      I have been keeping to the diet but not 100% strict and this is my downfall. I agree with how your daughter feels…. It is restrictive, at least the initial change over is…. perhaps once you get in a routine you don’t have to be quite so strict? I don’t know….. For me I am constantly having to remind myself why I am doing this….. but I do feel a lot better for cutting out these foods that is definite. x

  2. Just watched you on the food hospital and I have to say if your hair doesn’t grow back please don’t feel down as you are very beautiful whether you have a wig on or not. I wish you all the best with your diet and look forward to seeing the results.

  3. Hi, good luck with the diet. I too have total hair loss and have tried elimination diets to no avail. One thing that has really helped since giving it ago is reading Thrive by rob Kelly. Check it out on amazon and read the reviews. I now have quite thick hair returning to my head, eye brows and a few eye lashes. 4 months ago I was almost hairless (everywhere). Btw mine started to come back above my ears as well😄take care and give the book ago.


    • Dave, I shall definitely look at his book! thank you for contacting me… I would like nothing more than for my hair to grow back and be healthy again…. I would love to talk with you….my number is on contact me page if you want to drop me a text x

  4. Hi, I am a hairdresser with total hair loss! I would be very interested in the diet you are now on. I lost my hair two years ago and in the beginning I did go on a diet recommended by a Chinese medicine/acupuncturist. I now seem to have just given up as I have been told by a dermatologist that my hair will probably not grow back! I know this is the wrong attitude and I should get myself back on track. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    • Jo,
      I feel for you …. it is just awful! Especially in your line of work… it must be so hard! Please never think that your hair will never grow back…. because then you stop trying …. the thing you have to remember is that we have an autoimmune disease (unfortunately) and so you must look after your body especially well so that you do not get plagued with other AI diseases later in life…. and by making your body healthy again…. well who knows what might happen as a result xxx Keep trying and get back on a good healthy diet….. where are you based? x

  5. Jayne, thank you for your brave participation in the food hospital and thank you for bringing alopecia out of the closet! Can anyone else out there make a connection between the contraceptive pill and their alopecia?

    • Thank you so much Fi for getting in touch. I lost my first patch of hair when I came off the pill. However there were many other contributing factors to my alopecia… so it would not be fair of me to comment and pinpoint. However I have spoken to many others about the contraceptive pill and autoimmune alopecia and some believe too that it was a trigger. Again another area which definitely needs to be investigated. x

      • This is a video from a Dr Tom O Bryan about gluten sensitivity. Anybody been totally gluten free for a substantial amount of time?
        I have AU and was tested for celiac disease last year and the results came back clear,

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