What Makes A Wig Work For Alopecians?

                                                                                                                                                                   Photographer/model:  Karena Moore-Miller

Karena Moore-Miller is a fellow sufferer of Autoimmune Alopecia.  She is a product designer (PhD student) working with people in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering looking at wig technology for long term medical hair loss wig users. Karena is currently looking for other long term medical hair loss people to contribute to this study by capturing their experiences with wigs in a questionnaire.

Karena’s Story

“I’m Karena Moore-Millar, Born November 1975 in Coventry. However, anyone who has met me would know I have a strong Manucian accent!I’m married to Neil Millar with two hairy dogs and live in Glasgow Scotland. Neil and I met through our dogs, which is a tale in itself!  In the past I’ve worked as a press photographer in the North West of England, then I joined the RAF – “hairForce” (HF!) as an Avionics technician. It was here in the HF! I begin my journey into the world of wigs. As a woman with a dodgy wig, surrounded by uniformed short haired blokes, meant I stuck out like a sore thumb; I felt so alone. Before leaving the HF! I’d never met another person with this condition, yet alone talked to anyone about wigs. I yearned to reach out and meet others like me. Thankfully this and other support groups have allowed me to meet people like you reading this profile “.

“I want to improve the wig users experience and believe wig technology could enhance the lives of so many long term users.  I’m currently working towards the development of a design specifications for medical wigs for long term users. I hope to present my results at different academic conferences to highlight the difficulties and pleasures of wearing wigs for us, the long term user”.

Karena’s Alopecia journey started with AA age 15.  She then started to wear wigs age 23 after joining the Royal Air Force . There was a period when she stopped wearing wigs full time from 2005-09 when she returned to University….This was mainly because they didn’t suit her lifestyle . Karena then developed Alopecia Universalis at age 29.  She didn’t lose her eyebrows and eye lashes until 2009 . Since then she has partial body hair regrowth and now have Alopecia Totalis.

If you would like to contribute to this study and you comply with the criteria listed above, please contact Karena to obtain further details.

Thank you for reading the post!

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