Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting/Causing our Autoimmune Epidemic?



Genetically Modified (GM) Foods were first introduced in the early-mid 1990’s….. Since then we have seen an increase in Intestinal problems, Autoimmune Diseases, Allergies, Cancers, Autism, ADHD etc etc  All conditions presenting to be widely misunderstood by the medical field.


What are Genetically Modified Foods?

Crops are outfitted with bacterial genes that allow them to survive being sprayed with herbicide, which kills plants.  This method is detrimental two-fold, firstly  higher residues of toxic weed killer end up inside our food. Secondly, some GM corn varieties have an even more unsettling characteristic: their inserted genes produce an insect-killing poison called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxin in every cell—and in every bite.

So genetically modified foods are being created because farmers, the food producers, want a higher yield of crops.

What does this (Bt) toxin do?

Have scientists looked into this?

Lets come back to (Bt) toxin a little later on…. Firstly lets look at studies on animals fed GMO foods…..

The information in BOLD writing has been taken off

When Dr. Huber visited an ongoing research project utilizing rats, he said those animals fed non-GMO feed were “as passive as can be. You can take them out. You can put them on your lap. Treat them almost like a pet cat.” Not so with the rats eating genetically engineered food: “You can hardly catch the rats that have received the GMO feed for a month and a half to two months,” he said. “They go off by themselves. They’re irritated. Crawl up the cage. . . . [They] don’t get along with each other.”

Farmers are reporting the same thing with pigs raised on GMO corn. According to Dr. Huber, a farmer told him that “his pigs just seem to be always irritated. They can’t get along with the other pigs.” Veterinarian Don Skow described similar odd behavior in the pigs of his client. “They would get cannibalistic. They would consume each other—ear biting and tail biting.” And when put in nurseries after weaning, he says, some “would get a condition like Alzheimer’s. They would lose the ability to know where the feed was. A lot of them would die.” Although many of these odd behaviors had been dismissed as normal stress responses for confined animals, when farmers switched to non-GMO feed and the problems went away, the real cause became obvious.

Similar antisocial patterns that Huber described were observed by a Dutch college student more than a decade ago when comparing mice fed GMO or non-GMO soy and corn. He wrote, “The mice fed on GM food seemed less active while in their cages. The differences in activity between the two cages grew as the experiment progressed.” The differences were most striking when he moved the mice to weigh them: “The mice from the GM cage were noticeably more distressed by the occurrence than the other mice. Many were running round and round the basket, scrabbling desperately in the sawdust, and even frantically jumping up the sides, something I’d never seen before. They were clearly more nervous. . . . For me this was the most disconcerting evidence that GM food is not quite normal.”

So here we have evidence that behaviour problems are shown when GM foods are consumed…. What about Physiological symptoms of eating GM foods?

Well again studies have been done on animals and the findings are very interesting…..

 According to Dr. Huber, for example, “When you look at the intestine on those pigs fed the GMO feed, the lining is deteriorated and the critical microbial balance is drastically changed.”

We’ll first examine the damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

According to some butchers who’ve done the comparison, the small intestines in GMO-fed livestock are typically thin and can tear easily as they’re removed from the carcass. The same organ from a non-GMO fed animal, they say, is much stronger. In fact, meat processors in the US typically import intestinal sausage casings from New Zealand, since the quality of the intestines in US livestock is too poor.

Dan Skow, who has treated farm animals for more than 40 years, confirms that after GMOs were introduced in the mid-1990s, he saw a much higher incidence of ileitis, which is inflammation or infection in the ileum (lower part of the small intestine). “Looking at microscopic slides of the intestinal tract,” he says, “there’s definitely something [that] has changed. Whether or not we can actually pinpoint that to the GMO grain thing, I personally think it is.”

Howard Vlieger, an Iowa agricultural consultant, also discovered problems. He asked a slaughterhouse to set aside the stomachs of two sets of pigs he sent for slaughter—one group was fed GMOs and the other non-GMOs. The stomachs of the GMO-fed group were inflamed and ulcerated.

Danish farmer Ib Borup Pedersen also found dramatic changes in his 450-pig operation after switching from GMO soy to non-GMO soy in April 2011. In the previous two years, he had lost 36 sows from ulcers and bloat. Since non-GMO soy was introduced, he had no deaths from these digestive ailments. In the previous year, two pigs died of loss of appetite. None died since the change. And within two days of switching to non-GMO soy, his massive problems with diarrhea virtually disappeared. Both diarrhea and bloat are common symptoms of autistic children.

So not only are GM foods proving to cause abnormal psychological effects in rats they are also showing physical signs of deterioration of the lining of the small intestines in pigs……


“One of the earliest indications that GMOs might cause GI tract distress was a 1999 study published in the Lancet. After rats were fed experimental GMO potatoes for just 10 days, the cells of the stomach lining and intestines were significantly altered“.


In my personal opinion, after speaking with many Autoimmune Alopecia Sufferers there is a disproportionate number who have digestive ailments, suggesting that it plays a significant role in the disease .


” According to US hospital discharges and ambulatory admissions records data, inflammatory bowel disease in the US population skyrocketed by 40% since the introduction of GMOs. Dr. Perro strongly suspects that GMOs are a major contributor.”

Family practitioner Myrto Ashe agrees: “We know food allergies are on the rise and also diseases related to common foods, like celiac disease. Patients report that dairy products make them wheeze, or tomatoes give them joint pains. It’s as though our food is harming us,” she says. “Something is happening. And if the intestines are playing a big role, and I’m getting the sense they are, then any change in our diet becomes a suspect.”

The concept described below is known as LEAKY GUT SYNDROME and has been at the forefront of alternative medicine for years, however research to back this up has been minimal.  Only now is Western medicine “catching up” with this theory and beginning to link things together.

Dr. Ashe explains: “Once intestinal permeability increases, then it’s possible for larger bits of food to go though—bits that really should have been digested fully before getting assimilated. Once these go into the bloodstream, the body can react to them, and this reaction is an immune reaction. . . . I think anything that can increase intestinal permeability is a huge danger. The same diseases that research suggests are connected to intestinal permeability are the diseases that seem to be on the rise.”

Numerous doctors point to holes in the gut walls as responsible for a long list of diseases and disorders. Although this notion is not yet at the forefront of mainstream medical understanding for these diseases, there have been books, medical conferences, and professional practices all devoted to the concept.

Physician Gary Gordon puts it simply: “If you buy a brand new car and it says that it’s meant to run on gas and you go and put diesel in it, you could expect it won’t go very far. . .  By making your intestine leaky, we are permitting building blocks to go into our body that are the wrong fuel.”


So now back to (Bt) toxin……The poison which is produced from the inserted genes into our GM crops….


Pesticide-producing corn may be the culprit

When considering intestinal permeability, concern about the Bt-toxin in GMO crops looms large. This poison is designed to create holes (pores) in the digestive tract of insects. That is how it kills them.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which labels Bt corn and Bt cotton plants as registered pesticides, insists that Bt-toxin will have absolutely no influence on human or mammalian cells. But research published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology this past February proves them wrong. Researchers “documented that modified Bt toxins [from GM plants] are not inert on human cells, but can exert toxicity.” In high concentrations (generally higher than that produced in average Bt corn), Bt-toxin disrupts the membrane in just 24 hours, causing certain fluid to leak through the cell walls. The authors specifically note, “This may be due to pore formation like in insect cells.” Thus, Bt-toxin may indeed create small holes in our intestines.

Dr. Gordon warns, “If [Bt-toxin] is causing an increased propensity for our intestine to become permeable or leaky and for foods to be presented to our bloodstream in a premature fashion, the havoc that it will cause will be across the entire spectrum of disease, from premature aging and Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s to autism to cancer to asthma.”

Numerous professionals believe that Bt toxin produced in corn is already accelerating many diseases in the US. Arden Andersen, DO, PhD, MPH, believes Bt toxin is specifically implicated in the development of autism.


Compromised flora

In addition to structural deformities in the digestive tract of autistic kids, many also point to intestinal flora that’s gone wild. The bacteria living inside us play an important role in digestion, immunity, detoxification, and even the production of nutrients. In fact, the number of these bacterial cells in our digestive system is about 10 times the number of cells in our entire body. There’s an emerging health field dedicated to restoring the proper balance of intestinal microorganisms.

There is also growing evidence that animals fed GMOs have an improper balance. Dr. Huber says the pigs fed GMOs have a “very dramatic difference in the microflora.” He says it “has a terrible odor to it compared to the normal microflora because of that changed bio environment.” Some farmers that butcher their own livestock also report that GMO-fed pigs and cows have a horrible stench and discolored organs.

Dan Skow says that the balance of the good bacteria inside livestock has been thrown way off. “Now what set this off and why these disruptions of the balance to the microscopic flora in the intestinal tract?  I’m personally suspicious—there’s a lot of impact from the GMOs.” Dr. Skow, like many others, is not willing to make an ironclad determination that GMOs are the causative factor. “There needs to be a lot more work to verify this,” he says. But that hasn’t stopped him from strongly urging his clients to switch to non-GMO animal feed. And when they do, he sees a difference in both the health and behavior of their livestock.




Ok This is amazing reading….. But where do we go from here?

In simple terms it spells out to me that MAN is the culprit of all these diseases?  I mean who in their right mind injects crops with a genetically modified organism and feeds it to the millions through our food chain without knowing the consequences?  It actually begs belief….. However the damage has been done now and if we don’t try to back track and rectify our errors we shall have to live with the consequences….. a multitude of diseases.


What can we do to HELP OURSELVES?

Firstly we need to heal our small intestines and this will take time.  We need to cut out the culprit, and by that I mean GM foods, Gluten, Dairy, Wheat etc…. Should we also go organic because the animals we consume have been fed these GM foods as fodder?  This is a MASSIVE undertaking and could be costly?  How important is your health to you?


It is definitely food for thought but it frightens me that us as a society have let things get THIS BAD! 😦



Go back to basics I say… Firstly we need to stop putting this rubbish into our bodies.


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