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For those of you who watched THE FOOD HOSPITAL and would like to be updated on the new charity


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Thanks guys

5 thoughts on “Please Subscribe for AARUK progress updates

  1. Hi John,

    I understand your precautions! I also understand your frustrations regarding AA. Please remember that Alopecia IS an autoimmune disease. Now with regards to Autoimmune diseases there HAS been other research conducted down these lines. For 10s of years Alopecia has been far too often sent down the lines of a dermatology issue. A cosmetic problem. This is not the case. Hairloss is s symptom of deeper underlying problems. If someone does not take a stance NOW then this will always be the case. So it is up to you where you want to stand. Autoimmune diseases is when the immune system release antibodies in response to an antigen. There is a reason why these antibodies are being released. MS, RA, Diabetes are all looking down the avenues which I am documenting and so my thoughts do not come from nowhere…… however we as the alopecia community have NEVER EVER had INDEPENDANT RESEARCH into this disease for us to be able to investigate our own communty!!!. We have been sidelined and dismissed by the medical profession (now I have my own thoughts on this, not life threatening, embarrassing so it is kept a secret, humble because we dont have cancer…. there are many reasons) But Alopecia NEEDS its own research. So you can sit back and criticise what I am writing or you can come on board and try to make a difference. In the future I KNOW that the gut is where our problems lie…… but we need funding to investigate this ….. or we will remain stagnent as a disease for ANOTHER 10 years….. Please also remember this. Having an autoimmune disease can perdispose you to aquiring other autoimmune diseases in the future, so it would do good for you to look at your overall health as a preventative measure for the future. I hope you will continue to follow the blog and I hope you do support the new charity. We are all in this together… I also hope you will begin to see the health benefits of healing your gut and having a healthier lifestyle because of it .Thanks again John

  2. I don’t know if you watched a series called the food hospital last week…. I was on it. Changed my diet over 3 months. For the first time in 10 years I saw hair growth. I have been speaking with Alopecia sufferers for years. I have studied recent research papers for up to date research into other AI diseases. I keep my finger on the pulse regarding AI diseases. I am now initiating a charity for research into Alopecia which has never been in over 20 years(as horrific as that sounds) Myself and other sufferers do not need hear your negativity. Please stop posting on this site….. I will no longer approve your negative comments adn no longer comment. Thanks again John. I wish you all the best in the future with your condition.

  3. I have spoken with research institutes. One inparticular, they are in agreement. I am by no means going into this blind. Thank you. I am not prepared to speak with a closed book. You clearly have not looked into Autoimmune diseases in any depth

  4. I have spoken with research institutes. One inparticular, they are in agreement to the lines of gut health because there HAS been research for other autoimmune diseases directed down these lines. Please do not insult my intelligence as to the fact I am following these on a whim. I am by no means going into this blind. With regards to The Food Hospital, this was one small “trial” to raise awareness that foods can heal…… The research done by Angela Christiano is not funded by NAAF…. It is not independant research. NAAF is primarily a support charity…. as with all other “alopecia organisations” . (you can look up on the internet exactly how much money NAAF puts into research….. and let me tell you … It aint a lot. Most research is funded by Major DRUG companies….. Where does Professor Angela Christiano get the money from to do her research? There has been no independant research done for Alopecia Universalis. I have suffered it for many years and I have never ONCE been asked to fill in a questionnaire, to become part of a study …. NOTHING. I don’t need to try to convert you. You are a free agent to do what you like. Just don’t come criticising what I am doing. You clearly have not looked into Autoimmune diseases in any depth. If you had done you too would see the links in black and White. I wont censor comments because I have nothing to hide but I wont keep justifying myself to you……. Go have some steriod injections into your head….. or even better immuno suppressant drugs….. See what the side effects are of them…. treating an autoimmune disease by applying topical drugs is a joke. But our community have been subjected to it for 10s of years. I am trying to take a stand and CHANGE and I have to contend with negative rubbish like this. Good Luck

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