Lasting Impression by Jayne

Semi Permanent Make Up can be invaluable for people who suffer the autoimmune disease Alopecia Universalis.  Losing your eyebrows means losing definition to your face, it also mean losing your facial expressions when speaking with people.  It can be difficult and is often the part of Alopecia that people find the hardest to deal with.  Waking up in the morning to see a blank expression can become quite distressing and also time consuming to rectify with make up.

Alopecia Totalis client with the majority of the left eyebrow missing.  Client and myself agreed on leaving the existing right eyebrow and using micropigmentation to simulate hairstrokes on the left eyebrow.  Client was pleased with the end result.








    • Hi Dorothy,

      Treatment longevity is so different depending on the individual. Skin type, age of the skin, colour of the skin can all influence how long the pigment stays in the skin… there is also aftercare of the treatment to be considered and the colour of the pigment used. Darker pigments will always last longer than lighter pigments in the skin. I use a two step procedure and I find that occassionally people with autoimmune diseases or those who are on medication can often need 3 initial treatments and topped up more frequently. In that case I price accordingly on future visits. It is something that technicians need to realise when treating alopecia clients and explain to the client so they can then make an informed decision as to whether they want to go ahead with the treatment


  1. I had this done a few years back (and regularly ever since) as I have no eyebrows at all – it completely changed my life! Apart from the fact that I found it difficult to draw my own eyebrows on, I hated doing any sort of physical activity in case i sweated and they smudged or wiped off completely, and I couldn’t wear any sort of hat that either came down low at the front or that flattened my (wig) fringe onto my forehead, again in case they smudged.
    It is an expensive treatment, but for me, this is far outweighed by the self confidence it has given me.
    I wish I’d known about it years ago!

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