Support Group Volunteers for Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK?

Hi everyone!

As all the followers of this site know we are in the middle of setting up Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK.

Mission statement

Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK (AARUK) aims are to collate studies and surveys within our own community to investigate common factors with this disease .  We would like to build a complete survey of sufferers in the UK.  These initial surveys will stand us in better stead for initiating our own lines of research and attracting researchers who would be interested in taking up such projects. The charity will be campaigning and raising awareness of the disease, educating sufferers on what is happening within their bodies and also educating the public on the disease and how it affects those who live with it. Our main objective will be to carry out fundraising to raise monies to fund for future research projects for a potential cure or treatment plan to manage Autoimmune Alopecia. The fundraising will be from a mixture of public donations, carrying out fundraising activities, seeking endorsements and attracting patrons to take part in media campaigns to raise awareness and interest all to raise capital to engage a research team.  We hope to benefit the public through increasing awareness to Autoimmune Alopecia and educating others, resulting in the general public being more understanding to the disease.  We aim to highlight the increasing  prevalence of the disease and make sufferers feel less ashamed and embarrassed about living with Autoimmune Alopecia.

We are currently looking for people to volunteer in a supporting role throughout the whole of the UK.  Initially this may start as providing support over the phone to newly diagnosed sufferers or talking through email and perhaps even setting up a group which could meet on a monthly or 2 monthly basis.  In doing so ultimately we would like these groups to become establisehed and perhaps assist in charity fundraising events to boost morale within the community and really try to pull together and have a bit of FUN!!! 🙂  Get the media involved and raise awareness and funds!!! 🙂

We currently have people interested in taking up the role in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Northampton.

If anyone would be interested in talking to us about this idea then please contact myself for an informal chat.

Jayne Waddell    07858350890 or email

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