e-petition for Government Research into Autoimmune Alopecia

A 29 year old lady named Amy Johnson from Ilkley, West Yorkshire has taken Autoimmune Alopecia into her own hands and set up a very worthy e petition for the government to take notice and fund for research into finding a cure.  Amy  has been a sufferer of Autoimmune Alopecia for near 5 years and is very active in the community in raising awareness and educating people on what Autoimmune Alopecia is.

Amy’s Story

I first spotted a couple of 10p size bald patches in October 2007. These grew back and I thought nothing more about it. I didn’t realise at that time that alopecia was something that could get worse or stay with you throughout your life.  I thought it was a one off and that my body would rectify its’self.  Then my hair started falling out in chunks in February 2010. By July 2010, I did a headshave to raise money for a young boy from Ilkley who was needing money for an operation in America.  By the time of the headshave, there was very little to get rid of.  I have no eyebrows, eyelashes, arm or leg hair.  I experienced no regrowth for 2 and a half years and now I am getting some hair back on my scalp (alas, not all over) and I have about a dozen eyelashes on my left eye.  My story is real life Alopecia, it can attack a person’s body at any stage of their lives, young and old whether male or female.  This Autoimmune disease is becoming more and more prevelant and the general public need to be aware of it and how it psychologically affects a person’s life and also those who are close to the sufferer.


Amy too is disappointed in the lack of research into this life changing and emotionally devastating disease.  Amy and others with Autoimmune Alopecia around the UK have been doing an amazing job sharing this around social media sites, frantically tweeting celebrities on twitter and have already reached 1500 signatures in  only a few days!!!!  The target number of hits is 100 000

So guys please please get signing and sharing and lets get the Autoimmune Alopecia profile raised!  Click on the link below and share with friends and family as far a field as you can… together we can work stronger!

Well done girls, keep up the amazing work!!

Thanks guys

Jayne xx

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