Photographs Wanted for Charity Website

Hi to all my readers!

This is a little strange request I guess… but as you all know the website for Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK is being designed.  For the home page we are looking for images of sufferers who wouldn’t mind a small head and shoulders picture being put in a collage.

Something not dissimilar to this image below…. but the pictures will be smaller.  The more people we get the more impact it will have.

This shot could be showing your alopecia with no hair , patchy alopecia or it could be wearing a hair system… What ever you feel comfortable with.  The image will be no bigger than 1.5cm x 2.ocm. It can be side profile or front profile.

The purpose of the charity is to bring sufferers together to try to answer questions within our own community and to fundraise monies to direct research projects within our community.

If anyone is interested please email a good quality a passport like image to …

Thank you all so much!

Jayne x

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