No More Gluten For Me, My Inspiration.

Well I am officially Gluten free which has not posed much of a problem for me.  These types of foods caused me so much discomfort anyway that I am glad not to be putting my body through that upheaval anymore.  Pasta and bread would leave me feeling bloated and hugely uncomfortable and very sluggish.  About 6 weeks ago I also cut out all dairy products to see would this make any sort of a difference to my Alopecia.  Things like cheeses and and milk I do not miss but my weakness is CHOCOLATE!  I have severe sugar cravings.

With all the reading up I have been doing on autoimmune diseases and diet I have read some pretty frightening accounts regarding “The Addicitve White Stuff”.  I read somewhere that one sugar binge can suppress the immune system for up to 4 hours.  So anyone drinking fizzy drinks during the day could be in trouble, not only for tooth decay and weight problems but for serious health implications farther down the line!

I am a great believer that when you suffer an autoimmune disease you must seriously consider your diet.  Unfortunatley these are the cards we have been dealt in this life and if you want to limit your chances of aquiring other autoimmune diseases then I believe this is a very important step.

My mother has Autoimmune hypothyroidism and her sister suffers celiac disease. There is no denying the geneitc link.  My mother is an amazing woman and is my inspiration for me to be able to manage my autoimmune disease and perhaps even turn it around with time.  13 Years ago my mother suffered chronically with M.E.  She was hit with a virus and her body never recovered, infact she rapidly went downhill to the point of extreme fatigue, inability to walk anymore than 50m down the road from the house with the dog.  She was confined to her bed for days upon end and obviously had no choice but to give up work.  I remember as a family these were tough times financially and as kids/young adults I dont think we fully understood how sick our mother actually was.  Back then doctors viewed this as “yuppy flu” …. All blood test results would come back clear, therefore no evidence on medical results and so the doctor had to take the patients word on how they were feeling…. It was very much stigmatised , frustratingly , with those who perhaps did not want to work.  My mother has always been a grafter, she worked tiredlessly along with my dad to bring  my brother and myself up and give us all that they could.  To this day she still is a grafter!  When we speak of those very dark days, my mother tries to explain to me how she felt, how her body felt and how that impacted her mind.  She could quite easily have succumb to the idea of that being her life for the rest of her life, afterall she had heard that some people never fully recovered from aquiring the M.E.  She explained to me how she had to make a conscious effort against all the odds to fight her tiredness, to push herself to get out of bed, to move, to keep her system working the best that it could under the circumstances. There were days when she could have slumped into deep depression, doctors only advice was to administer her anti depressants (which she threw in the bin).  Thank goodness!  My mother does not talk of these days to people.  That is her style, she is so mentally strong, she sets herself a goal , and she “does”.

To this day she thanks a very special lady called Dr Dominique who was a herbalist at Napier University.  Dr Dominique was a western medicine doctor turned alternative health doctor after feeling insufficed by some of our conservative medical treatments toward certain illnesses.  Dr Dominique put my mother on the road to recovery through balancing her body, hormonally and nutritionally.  As well as teaching her how to listen to her body.  There is always that mental part to recovery, to feel like you are taking pro active steps to heal your own body.  I believe in PMA Positive Mental Attitude in anything you do in this world and what ever obstacles are put in your way….. My mother taught me that.  Even to this day I need to lean on her and she has to remind me of this.  She is my rock and my inspiration.  It took my mother 9 years to to fully return to health.  During this time she lost her son, my only sibling, Robert, in a motorcycle accident, and still she picks herself up and pushes on through.  We are all dealt our hardships in life but we should never give up on our goals and ambitions.  Sometimes the goal posts are moved and we have to re-focus and work out a different strategy to score but with perseverance, determination, consistency, belief and a little bit of PMA we can get there.

My mum on the left and her best friend Christine.

Recently again my mother thought her M.E. was returning, she was working hard in the B&B and she was taking very extreme periods of fatigue .  Fear of previous health problems returning prompted her to immediately go to her doctor for a check up.  She was diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroid which explained her extreme lethargy.  The doctor immediately prescribed her Thyroxine which she was advised she would have to take for the rest of her life.

” No no no. No no no!!!  Give me 3 months” she said to her GP, “humour me,  I am going to look into diet to try to manage this”.

Again she went back to her herbalist, she radically changed her diet and  through  hard work, determination, a positive mental attitude and much education and research from the correct sources on autoimmune disease and she is back to being fully recovered.

I have no doubt that Alopecia Universalis, even after 10 years of suffering can be fixed.  I will try and try and try until my body is healed and on the road to recovery.  By changing my diet I already feel better.  My skin is healthier, my nails are the strongest I have ever seen them, all pitting has gone, my acid reflux no longer gives me problems, my midday lethargy has disappeared, my stomach problems have settled down (not completely yet) and I have a covering of small blonde hairs on my head and over areas of my body (for the first time in 10 years) .   I feel as though my body is healing from the inside out.  When I worked in Horseracing I used to think that we looked after our horses better than we looked after ourselves.  If their coats were dull then they were lacking in vitamins and minerals.  Our horses were on multiple supplements, vitamins, minerals, apple cider vinegar, garlic, high protien feeds, they were fed at regular intervals and we had very successful, happy horses.  Our motto was look after their insides and their outsides would look after themselves and it was true… Now I am treating myself with the same respect we treated the racehorses.

Me and Alderseed xxx

Hopefully I will come out infront and beat this autoimmune disease….. “Winner alright, winner alright” 🙂


Me and my mother are by no means doctors and what worked for my mother may not have the same effect on another person, she continued with her diet under the medical supervision of her doctor.  We are simply sharing our experiences x


Thanks for reading xx

15 thoughts on “No More Gluten For Me, My Inspiration.

  1. so how long since you changed you diet? I don’t know if I could handle a strict diet but the possibility of my hair growing back is very tempting….

    • I have been meddling for over a year…. for 5 weeks I am strict no wheat , gluten and diary….. I am now eliminating sugar for the next 6 weeks….. it is only hard unitl you get into routine x

  2. Hello Jayne,
    Just find the darkest bitterest chocolate you can – the great thing is you can’t eat a bar of it, the way you can with milk choc. once you get the taste for bitter choc anything else is not good – and a square is fine! I find Cadburys Bournville too sweet


    • Oh not true I tried that and ate the whole bar everytime!!! Lindt 85% or 90% is good as it also has no soy. (But I can still horse down the whole bar – and I’m not even that into chocolate!)

  3. Interesting about the dark chocolate and the distaff side of things. Don’t call into the office -‘cos it’s all gone. Closed down – no funding.
    Catch up one of these days

  4. Hi, What did you Mum do to kick her thyroid back into action. My Mum is both on thyroxine and suffering with total hair loss through alopecia. Please share more details on your diet and your Mum’s. Thank you

    • Hi Kat, Thank you for posting. The diet has basically cut out any trigger foods. The main ones to look at initially are wheat, gluten and dairy. This is a good starting point, but be under no illusions it can be very tough to stick to. Gluten seems to be in literally everything so what you end up doing is only eating pure foods in their natural state. Fruits, vegetables and lean protien. We only eat red meat very very occassionally, the protien mainly consists of fish and chicken and turkey. Load up on green leafy vegetables which are known anti inflammatory and full of anti oxidants. Do not eat any processed foods. A particular concoction which is seemingly very good for the thyroid is a ginger lemon and honey dressing. One part ginger, one part honey and one part hot water and use 1 teaspoon of this daily on a salad or over fruit. I hope this helps and I am sorry to hear of your mother’s alopecia and thyroid issues. I really can say that diet does help with your overall health and energy …. so it can only be good in the long term. Look into supplementing also with organic kelp, multi vitamin, vitamin c and vitamin d xxx

      • Wow!! Thanks so much for your reply Jayne. I’ll be sure to forward the details to my Mum. How’s it going for you? Have you got more fine baby hair coming through? I’ve read a lot of books by Patrick Holford and he advocates good nutrition so I really think this helps and has seen have been ‘forgotten about’ with a ‘traditional’ western diet of cakes and paninis!! Thanks again. I’ll pass it on.

      • yes I think we do not pay enough attention to our bodies! Sorry I took so long to reply! It is only difficult at the start until it becomes routine for you…. good luck to your mum. I have a covering of blonde hairs all over my head and will persevere …. I feel a lot better since changing my diet that is for sure 🙂

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