This morning I am reminiscing over progress of the past one and a half years.  For me a tremendous amount has happened.  Although I have suffered Alopecia Universalis for over 10 years, these past 18 months have been the most significant in my progress.  I have met some of the most influential, inspiring and alternative thinking people whos paths have also been blighted by this Autoimmune Disease.  These people have each given me a small something; shared their experiences, given me their words of support and encouragement, held me up in times of trouble and challenged me to never give up hope and surrender.

In January 2012 I wrote this in my diary, “This is the year to say adios to stinking alopecia…. BELIEVE”

diary pic

It is amazing when you walk through life and you meet people by chance who then become such an important part of your life….. Is this fate, is your destiny mapped out?  Are you meant to meet these people for a reason?

My path began when meeting Robert Swierski (the founder of GAM), a man who had Alopecia Universalis for 19 years of his life.  For 8 years I lived with Alopecia Universalis with the belief that my hair would never grow back and if it did it would be by pure chance….. until I met Robert.  He changed that and changed my way of thinking, Robert gave me HOPE.  Robert showed me that Autoimmune Alopecia can be fixed, with some hard work!

I then met another amazing and influential woman, Mary Corrigan.  Mary also suffered severe hairloss and rectified her bodies response through diet.  She wrote a book called, “what’s up with my hair”.

Diet and Alopecia saw me head to Channel 4 “The Food Hospital” where I was put on an autoimmune diet and stable eating pattern.  This link opened doors to a whole host of people who contacted me to offer their support and tell me of their amazing experiences with Alopecia and how some had even rectified it themselves, also through dietary and lifestyle changes….. this again reinforced the link with the foods we eat and Autoimmune disease.

Websites such as Nutirsclerosis, and The Paleo Mom and people such as Terry Wahls inspire me….. I want to heal my body.

As all my followers know, autoimmune disease runs in my family.  My mother has suffered ME, and Hypothyroidism.  My aunt suffers Ceoliac Disease and my grand mother had Diabetes Type 1.  Thank goodness Autoimmune Disease research is taking a serious turn, what with the microbiome project having gone underway…. This is a serious step forward into understanding the true working of the small intestine and the role it plays in immunity.

We are fast approching the end of 2012 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have supported me throughout this year.  To thank those who have taken time out of their busy lives to contact me and share their experiences, good and bad.  Every individual story helps to put another piece together in the Autoimmune Alopecia puzzle.

With the launch of the charity AUTOIMMUNE ALOPECIA RESEARCH UK in the New Year,  Autoimmune Alopecia has exciting times ahead!

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and lets get the real party started for Alopecia in 2013!!!!!!!

Much love,

Jayne xx

8 thoughts on “THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT… BRING ON 2013!

  1. I have just received the details of the programme that Rob Swierski (GAM) runs and may well start it after Christmas – although at the moment I am following Mary Corrigan’s diet (am now in week 3). I will let you know how it is going in the New Year.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and here’s to 2013.

    Karen xx

  2. You are amazing and an inspiration… NEVER GIVE UP! Lots of love (hope your crazy diets allow you a christmas glass of vino…. or 2?!!) Much love, as always xxx

  3. Hi Elaine, I do not know what Robert Swierski wants for his diet plan. What I am saying is that Robert opened my eyes to the possibility that Autoimmune Alopecia can be reversed (until I spoke with this man I had been told countless times to learn to live with Alopecia as the hair will never grow back, this never sat right with me)… along with other autoimmune disease. This led me onto doing my own research and digging and speaking with many many inspirational people who use the power of food to heal their bodies…. even as far as healing Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Thyroidism. Who we meet on our paths and what decisions we decide to take is entirely individual. I choose to try to heal my body after researching possible causes because I cannot and will not accept that at the age of 19 years old a part of my body decided to just “fall off” for no reason. I shall continue on my path to try to fix this as through my work I see women everyday who suffer this terrible condition and I see and hear first hand what it does to them and how it makes them feel. I am not here to down anyone or criticise anyone but If I can help myself then I will do my best to help others…… IF they choose also to help themselves. It is not for everyone …. I wish you the best Elaine.

  4. A Merry Xmas and A Happy new year to to Jayne, Thank you for all your mail, which I pass on to my daughter, I am glad you sound so positive about the outlook for alopecia sufferers, Lisa’s hair loss seems to be at a standstill at the moment,and the loss is at the sides,she is eating the correct foods which you have suggested and also takes vitamins. I wish you a very Merry Xmas ,and A Happy New Year for 2013 regards Dee Sheasby.  


    • Ahhhh Dee! That is great to hear that Lisa’s hairloss has stopped….. Keep up with the diet, perhaps also look into a probiotic….. I am using Symprove at the moment, however it is quite expensive. Lovely to receive such a positive message! Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year xxx

  5. Why is this “Elaine” person so hostile? While I have a huge respect for Dr. Angela Cristiano and other scientists who are researching this disorder, I hold no angst or hostility for the GAM and Robert Swierski’s efforts and research goals. Nothing the GAM hopes to do will thwart any research being done by Cristiano or any other group. The same treatments from 40 years ago that are still ineffective and are still painful are STILL being offered today. Why continue with that snake oil and pretend that it’s worthy? Something needs to change or 40+ years from now, it will have been a century of nothing to help sufferers of this condition.

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