Alopecia Help and Support Charity (AHAS)



This evening I attended a meeting in Glasgow Royal Infirmary for an amazing charity who do brilliant work for the Alopecia community in Scotland.  I was privilaged enough to be asked to do a Permanent Cosmetic demonstration for the members by a lovely lady called Eleanor Clarke.

Met some amazing, strong ladies and some of them do not even realise how strong they are!

AHAS was set up by a lady called Rosemary Gierthy when her daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata.  AHAS have had a real impact on the scottish government in the past regarding Alopecia, resulting in being success after lobbying at the houses of parliment for wig prescriptions in Scotland.

Meetings are always informative and a lovely get together to talk to people who are in the same boat.

Meetings are arranged twice a year and new people are always made very welcome.  You can sign up for informatin and a newsletter on the website

Thanks for reading

Jayne Waddell

2 thoughts on “Alopecia Help and Support Charity (AHAS)

  1. I got my first wig through the NHS back in 2005 at Milton Keynes, had to pay something towards it as I was not on benefits. When I enquired at Stafford in 2010 as I was looking for a nice wig to wear for my wedding the specific dept at the Hospital told me wigs were no longer available on the NHS, however they help people on benefits.

    I searched the net and found VH Wigs in Lutterworth, although it was over an hours drive, she helped me choose the wigs I bought. And pinned one of the wigs into kiss curls for my wedding ( which today is still pinned up). However I only wear wigs when I want to feel beautiful and look human, as I have already had one trimmed as it got brittle on the ends, I keep them for occasional and special events.

    Kind regards. Fiona Perace-Bradshaw

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    • Hi Fiona! thank you for the message! I saw the picture of your hair and it looked absolutely stunning!….. Fiona, please SIGN UP to the charity website if you have not done so already so that we can keep you informed of our research and if you ever want to take part in our studies to help us try to fix this condition!

      I hope you are well

      Best wishes

      Jayne x

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