Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK….. please sign up to be part of it!

banner AARUK

Dear Followers,

For those who have not signed up to the new research charity AUTOIMMUNE ALOPECIA RESEARCH UK….. Please do so right now!!

Even if you have already signed up in the past can I ask you to do so again as we had some teething problems at the start and I fear we may have lost some of you in the process !

You can do this by searching for On the home page, on the right hand side it asks for you to add your email address for updates of latest research news. This is very important as not only will you get latest updates on the charity you will also be on our database so we can give you the opportunity of being part of trials and surveys in the future (All information is strictly confidential and will not be given out to any third parties without your consent).

I shall be updating you on here every now and again about the charity because you guys are the very first followers and mean a lot to me!

Thanks a million guys and I hope to see you all registering 🙂

Love Jayne

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