Alopecia Registry and Biobank Inititation in the UK

Dear followers,

I have not personally posted for many months on this site as I have been extremely busy with other projects with the medical research charity, AAR-UK (Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK) which I set up in November 2012.


We are working with an amazing scientist called Prof Iain McInnes who is the Director of the Institute of Infection Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Glasgow. Since setting up the charity my main focus is to have alopecia recognised, not as a skin condition or dermatological condition but as the autoimmune disease that it is and pursue research from an immunity angle.

In order to entice in future researchers AAR-UK recognised the huge need for a BIOBANK and registry which does not exist at present in the UK.

We are working with a crowdfunding company called Walacea for the next 3 months to raise £20k to initiate the funding for this massive project.

If you have alopecia or you know someone that is affected by the autoimmune disease please please help us. Without the community getting together and without donors of blood samples and tissue samples… research would not be possible.

Everyone involved in AAR-UK has donated their time to this cause and worked tirelessly and selflessly to get this project organised and I would like to thank Karen Green, Amiee Young, Alison Nicholson, Hugh Gallagher for all their continued support along with everyone who has raised AAR-UK finds to date. This is the next important step in research…. together we can make it happen.

The link for the crowdfunder is below so please read and help us back this campaign to succeed 🙂 xxx

5 thoughts on “Alopecia Registry and Biobank Inititation in the UK

  1. Can’t make a donation unfortunately but as a AU sufferer, would be happy to donate blood for the trial if needed. How do I do this?

  2. Hi I made a donation to be added to the bank about 3 days ago. I haven’t had a confirmation so I suspect it hasn’t worked properly. Would u be able to check so I can do it again if need be. Thanks.

    • Dear Jane,

      Seemingly there have been technical issues with the site, however I do see your name as being down on the list as pledging for the early bird trial so it definitely went through. At the end of the campaign you shall be notified by our fundraising manager. Many many thanks for helping us and supporting the campaign xxx

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