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20 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. Jayne just read your web site and your story on your feelings since you lost your hair, how you felt how you struggled with the condition, how you felt when you were with men, Jane it is truly emotional reading , knowing you over the past 5 years or so I would never have guessed that you struggled with it so much.You have to me always seemed very confidant, outgoing and full on about your condition. Your feelings on how men look at a women with no hair is very interesting.

    Is Mise
    Sean McAindriu
    AKA Chivers

  2. Hi Jayne,
    It was lovely to meet you yesterday at London College of Fashion.
    I hope that you are pleased with the photographs.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Diana! Thank you so much! I love the photographs!! Thanks for helping me 🙂 Wish you had been there for the morning, you were ace. I’m glad you left a comment cause i was silly enough to leave without getting your last name……and i might still have thought you were Chantelle!!! 😀
    Lovelly meeting you too, maybe be in touch in the future :)?
    Kind regards

  4. My friend bought the most gorgeous, realistic wig from bespokewig online Co. they are fantastic and great value… Loving the “Voice” promoting our cause…

  5. Hi I have just bought this book And it’s amazing! Makes so much sense! An going to get my levels checked then try with all my power to stick to the diet! Might need to Fi AC one first as think candida maybe an issue for me. Def worth a try! Will keep you posted!

  6. Hi Jayne,
    Thanks for all your news – which sounds really exciting.
    Hope all goes well and very best wishes.

  7. Hi Jayne
    Just watched your story on food hospital and thought I would look you up. This is a great blog and I can understand your issues. Although under different circumstances, I met many women during chemotherapy and felt how affected they were without hair. I was left with hardly any eyebrows and feel quite uncomfortable sometimes. Keep up the good work and with or without hair you are a very beautiful woman

    • Paul,

      Thanks you so much for your kind words. You sound like you have been through your own tough journey…. Life is not always easy huh….I hope your body is well on the way to recovery now? x

  8. Just saw you on the food hospital programme, and I know you said you feel vulnerable without your wig but just wanted to let you know that when I saw you my first thought was ‘Wow, her skin looks amazing!’ – nothing to do with wig, or lack of – your wig wasn’t even on at that point. Don’t be unconfident, you look great. 🙂
    PS what’s your secret? haha 😉

      • Hi, no I don’t. Nor do I have skin as glowing as yours 😉 hehe
        The closest experience of it I have had was a girl who used to come out clubbing with us many moons ago (back when I wasn’t such a boring hermit and actually used to leave the house at weekends haha) – she had alopecia, to same the extent as yours, and I never even realised until some random idiot stranger pulled off her wig one day at a party (I like to think that they wouldn’t have done it maliciously, I think they probably assumed she was wearing it for an image change over her own hair or something) but either way… why do that?!). There are some utter morons about. Unusual way to find out about her condition, not that it was any of mine or anyone elses business anyway, and there was only one person I was shocked and disgusted at that day, and it certainly wasn’t her…. It changed nothing though, no reason why it should . I felt pity for the thoughtless ‘joker’ more…after all, you can’t get a wig to cover lack of tact or personality can you? 😉 Shame though, some people could really do with someone inventing one….

  9. Hiya
    I have been reading your blog. I developed Alopecia last October and now have full blown Universalis. I have tried pretty much everything, and now the medical profession have pretty much sent me away – as there is nothing more they can do!! I was on a real low until I decided to try Mary’s diet, NOW at least I feel I am doing SOMETHING. I will continue to follow your blogs.

    • Hi Karen, thank you so much for posting. I am sorry to hear of your alopecia. It certainly feels good to be taking your health into your own hands and looking at your diet to assist your immune system. Apologies I have not blogged for while, been pretty busy recently! Stick with it because I do believe it will make a difference, as hard as it can be sometimes! But we all know that nothing in this life is ever easy is it?! I will continue with tweeking my diet until I find something that works for me…. and I shall keep you all posted xxx

  10. Hi Jayne

    I contacted you last year when my 9 year old daughter Lola was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in October. She now has totalis and is losing her eyebrows and eyelashes which she finds distressing. However she has a small patch of regrowth on the back of her head about the size of a 2 euro coin and small sprouts of hair in other places as well. We have been using Chinese medecine and I just wanted to share with you for your research my belief that somehow Alopecia is connected to hormone imbalances. My daughter is very developed for her age and is on the brink of puberty. The Chinese doctors diagnose her the same way they would diagnose a peri menopausal woman. Many women suffer Alopecia during menopause. Also I know of a 17 year old alopecia sufferer who had regrowth but the minute she started taking the pill, her hair all fell out again. Lola my daughter would like to set up an Alopecia Luxembourg, perhaps we can work together to bring awareness and push research into this dreadful disease. In the meantime I need to find someone who has got their hair back after having totalis. I am convinced that if my daughter sees that people do get their hair back she will believe it and this will help her. At the moment all she comes across are people who stay bald all their lives and it really scares her. Do you know anyone?

    Keep up the good work.

    Lisa v

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you very much for your post. I do ofcourse remember you and your daughter. I am so very sorry that her Alopecia Areata seems to be progressig to Totalis.

      There is obviously a genetic link with all autoimmune diseases however there is an environmental influence, which can be differing in every case, which triggers the immune response to self attack… These factors can be, as you suggested, hormonal, drug/medicine related, trauma, invasion of a virus/pathogen etc. All these factors play a role in disrupting the delicate composition of bacteria in the small intestine (which is infact a massive part of our immune systems along with glands positioned throughout the body).

      It is important for you to look into trying to find a nutitionist who has knowledge and specialises in auotimmune diseases. They will be able to point you in the right direction regarding cutting out possible food allergies and rebalancing the body.

      I do know of people who have recovered from Alopecia Universalis even. The road is not an easy one and there is unfortunately no quick fix however if you work at it you can perhaps get this autoimmune disease undercontrol and prevent farther problems. Dealing with an autoimmune disease is about making life long changes regarding diet and nutrition.

      I think it is a great idea that you want to start something up in Luxembourg to raise awareness. If you and your daughter ever want to arrange a fundraiser in the near future to publicise this autoimmune disease and to help fundraise reserach that would be an amazing step!!

      You can email me at

      and we can talk farther if you like.

      Best wishes

      Jayne xxx

  11. Hello Jayne, Is very nice to read you! your Blog is very interresting.
    I lost my hairs when i was 15 now i’m 38! Probably caused by an emotional schock coupled with physical accidents according to my “analysis” but who knows…maybe it is hormonal, maybe bacteriological, i even thought of X-rays cause i had some broken bones at this period, i did not found solution, nobody could help or give an answer. It changed my life for sure and in a better way.
    I learned how to accept myself as i am, not care of how i look but more for who i am.
    Now the only negative points are the sweat who goes in my eyes during sport, or dust causing some sinus problems in my nose… Of course i had to invest in hats to protect from the sun! I’m very lucky that i lived this experience, was a big trauma but now i feel that i would not be so “advanced” in my Life path if it did not happen!
    I’m very curious to know if a solution will be found, i subscribed to your mailing list and wish the best to you and all person having this “caracteristic”!
    My personal conclusion after 23 years is that this difference is a gift!!
    How much money did i spared by not buying shampoos during all this time is another topic 🙂

    I still thinks about people who have more severe diseases than this one, i used to work as a “civil worker” in a disabled people center and was very touched by their way of Life. I stopped to complain since this time (but was still hurting a bit when i was confronted to my own image sometimes)

    I wish to everyone experiencing Alopecia to find the force and courage to accept and transform it in a positive experience if it’s not already done!!

    Best regards,
    David Lipka

  12. I have a sister who was diagnosed with alopecia at the age of 3. Now she is 20 fighting through life with everything. I see how she is fighting she has no girl friends. Regardless of her struggles she is still going forwad teaching me things in life. Yah sure we stuggle to pay n find wiggs that fit n that they have to look the same as the last.
    Regardless of the struggles family is there. Im not no fansy writer but do know n see the struggles. Here in Canada we were not given any resource for help.

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