4 thoughts on “LATEST POSTS

  1. Hi! Is this blog still active? I came across it as I was doing some research and love the posts. I’ll keep this short in case you no longer post. Thanks if you can respond.

  2. Thank you! I’d also like to ask a question to the group – if anyone has tried an anti-inflammatory diet (and/or gut healing techniques) to combat alopecia? I don’t hear about it much and am wondering if it’s because the diet is so difficult and most don’t give it a try. Has anyone heard of “Healing Alopecia Areata RLT Therapy.” I’m thinking of trying it. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Jayne, I just came across this blog and your thoughts on co-relation of gut problems and areata are interesting to me as I’m having a bad bout of something that seems like H. Pylori. Doctor has not been able to diagnose it yet, but I have just had a blood test. Lots of intestinal issues over the years. I have read the one account of a remission after treatment for H. Pylori. Who else is investigating this?

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